Authorized Exam Center Solicitation

Become an ASNT Authorized Exam Center

Help to make nondestructive testing careers more accessible by becoming an official testing facility! ASNT is currently seeking organizations to administer practical examinations for ASNT Certification programs as Authorized Examination Centers (AEC).

Authorized Examination Centers are the approved designated locations for the ACCP Program practical exams and/or the ASNT Industry Sector Qualification – Oil & Gas (ISQ – O&G) qualification exams. These examinations require hands-on demonstrations of proficiency in nondestructive testing.

ASNT is accepting applications from organizations in the follow areas:

  • Ohio
  • Western and Eastern Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Northern California

*An organization may apply for one or multiple areas stated above. Be sure to clearly state the location(s) you’re applying for on your application.

Application Information

Organizations interested applying for Round One of AEC Accreditation should email their applications.

A $1500 Application Fee that must be submitted at time of application. Selected organizations incur a $1500 Award Fee; for Round One AECs, the initial award fee will be waived. Apply today to get this Charter Member discount!

Application Process

Organizations interested in becoming an AEC will be required to meet criteria as defined in the Certification Management Committee (CMC) AEC program document (AEC-1) and associated documents. Prior to the application process, the interested organization must understand the requirements of AEC documents and have the capability to comply.

There are three stages to the approval process:

  • Stage 1. Review and Rank Responses
    Initial review of application to determine if the general requirements are satisfied.
  • Stage 2. Desktop Audit
    Full documentation review of the application package.
  • Stage 3. Onsite Audit
    Audit performed by the ASNT International Service Center (ISC) Standards and Accreditation Team.

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Required Documentation and Criteria

1.0 Financial

  • Financial history to include two years of the organizations most recent audited financial statements.
  • Application fee. ASNT ISC shall perform an initial review of the application no later than 14 calendar days from the closing date of the solicitation period.
    • If the organization is successful with the initial screening process, ASNT ISC shall "cash" the application fee, and a stage 2 documentation review will proceed. Once this review has commenced the application fee becomes nonrefundable no matter the outcome of the selection process.
    • If the organization is unsuccessful with a stage 1 review, then the application fee shall be returned.
  • The organization will be subject to an audit for which the organization shall pay. The audit is broken into two parts, the desktop audit and the onsite audit.The ideal duration for an AEC onsite audit is one day, which is the standard accreditation cost. If additional days are required, then ASNT will charge a daily rate (as specified on the ASNT fee structure). Additional day(s) may be required in situations such as (but not limited to):
    • ASNT ISC having to perform an additional Quality Management System audit (as the Organization does not possess an ASNT recognized Quality Management System approval). This would add one day to the audit.
    • Language or translations may result in longer audit times.
  • Upon approval, the AEC will be required to maintain their approval and be subject to audits at a frequency as defined in AEC-1. The AEC shall pay for these audits in the same manner as the Initial audit.

2.0 Insurance Requirements

  • The AEC is responsible for procuring and maintaining comprehensive general/public liability insurance protecting the AEC and ASNT from claims for damages for which the AEC may become liable.
  • ASNT shall be added as an "additional insured" under such policy.
  • As minimums, general liability coverage shall be for bodily injury, including accidental death, for limits up to $1,000,000 for any one person and $2,000,000 for any one accident.
  • The AEC shall provide ASNT with a copy of the certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage and such coverage shall be considered primary and non-contributory over any and all other collectible insurance with respect to liability arising out of AEC’s performance under this Agreement.
  • AEC shall also maintain all workers’ compensation or local equivalent coverage in accordance with applicable law.

3.0 Business Arrangements

  • Potential AEC’s will be required to review and sign a legal contract with ASNT prior to becoming an AEC. The contract will at a minimum contain the following:
    • Legal Terms and Conditions
    • List of AEC Services
    • AEC Payment Schedules
    • Compliance, Conflict of Interest, and Confidentiality Agreement

4.0 Quality System Requirements

  • Quality requirements are addressed in AEC-5
    • AECs administering ASNT NDT qualification examinations are required to have a QMS in place, such as ISO 9001, ISO17025 and recognized by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) or the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
    • Other QMS approvals may be allowed, however must be agreed upon by the CMC AEC Committee and ASNT ISC prior to applying to be an AEC.
  • Conflicts of Interest and Code of Ethics are also addressed in AEC-1.

5.0 Format of Written Request from Organization

  • The information pack that is to be submitted to ASNT ISC for consideration to be an AEC shall be in accordance with the application and this solicitation.

6.0 Facility Requirements

  • Examination test equipment and facility requirements are addressed in AEC-2 and AEC-2.1.
  • In addition to the general equipment and facility requirements, the AEC shall utilize technology to allow ASNT ISC witness examinations through a video monitoring system. Refer to AEC-2 for further details.

7.0 Staffing

  • The number of staffing* will vary depending on what the organization will be offering. AEC-1 provides more detail; however, as a minimum the organization will need:
    • Coordinator
    • Examination Proctors
    • Examiners
    • Individual responsible for compliance with the AEC-1 requirements.

    *Individuals may fulfill more than one of the above roles.

8.0 Examination Test Samples

  • Ownership – All the practical examination test samples are the ownership of ASNT ISC.
  • Maintenance – AEC is responsible for maintaining the practical examination test samples in according with AEC-2.2.
  • Test Sample Rotation – Will be based on volume of examinations administered and in accordance with AEC-2.2 or ISQ program requirements.
  • Shipping Responsibilities – ASNT ISC shall be responsible for shipping fees. The AEC is responsible for ensuring that the test samples are packed in the same containers, protective materials, and condition as they were originally received from ASNT ISC.

9.0 Audit Requirements

  • AEC-1 and AEC-4 address the onsite assessments of organizations requesting to be an AEC.
  • Standard checklists shall be used that address all the requirements defined in AEC-1 and associated documents.
  • Audit findings shall be addressed and closed prior to becoming an AEC.

10.0 Additional Items

  • Organizations will have 45 days from issuance of the solicitation notification to submit their application to ASNT ISC.

Additional AEC Documents 

Conflicts of Interest and Code of Ethics

Examination test equipment and facility requirements 

Examination test equipment and facility requirements 

Test sample maintenance 

Onsite assessments of organizations 

Quality requirements