ASNT 9712 FAQs

What is the ASNT 9712 Certification Program?

ASNT 9712 is a new phase of certification offered by ASNT Certification Services LLC, which will provide certification for personnel in the field of NDT. This program follows the process of certification by an independent, nationally recognized body—ASNT—and replaces the ASNT Central Certification Program, which will no longer be offered following a transition period.

How does ASNT 9712 differ from ACCP?

The ASNT 9712 Program is designed to meet the requirements of the pending CP-106 identical adoption of the ISO 9712 standard. It builds on the previous ACCP Program and utilizes a revised structured credit system for certificate maintenance.

What are the advantages of ASNT 9712 Certification to the industry?

The program provides a global standard for certification, increasing the credibility of the NDT industry. It benefits employers by allowing them to hire NDT personnel without administering exams, saving time and money. 

What are the advantages of the ASNT 9712 Certification Program to NDT practitioners? 

The program aims to improve the industry by equipping a qualified workforce with transferable certifications from an independent, accredited third party. This makes staffing more efficient, allowing companies to select contractors with certified personnel rather than by vendor. 

What codes or standards recognize ASNT 9712 Certification Program?

ASNT 9712 is an ISO 9712-based program that complies with the ISO 9712:2021 standards. Recognized by sections I, V, VIII, and XI of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, it can be incorporated into an employers’ written practice. 

What industrial sectors are offered with ASNT 9712? 

The ACCP Program currently offers two industrial sectors: general industry and pressure equipment. The ASNT 9712 Program will initially launch with one sector for pre- and in-service testing, including manufacturing, with practical exams for castings, forgings, and welds. ASNT 9712 may expand to include specific product sectors in the future. 

How does ASNT 9712 Level III differ from ASNT NDT Level III?

ASNT 9712 Certification consists of a basic, basic supplemental, method, practical, and procedure preparation exams. To attain ASNT 9712 Level III, the basic and method exams are waived for applicants with NDT Level III certification. The practical exam is waived for those with an ACCP Level II Certification. 

What is required to attain ASNT 9712 Certification?

ASNT 9712 requires the successful completion of examinations in any of the four NDT test methods available: MT, PT, UT, and RT. Level II is attainable in individual techniques within a test method or may cover all techniques. 

What is the fee structure for the ASNT 9712 certification program?

All examination fees are listed directly on the exam application. Follow the instructions on the application carefully before submitting it.

Where can I take the practical examination? 

Practical examinations for ASNT 9712 certification will be conducted at the ASNT Houston facility in early 2023 and designated Authorized Examination Centers (AECs) on initial launch. More locations may be added later. 

How long is an ASNT 9712 certification valid?

All ASNT 9712 Certifications are valid for a maximum of five years. Renewal or recertification is required to continue to maintain a valid certification. 

How will ASNT Certification Services transition my ACCP certification to ASNT 9712 certification? 

The transition period for the ASNT 9712 Program is six months from its launch date. ACCP Certifications issued before or during the transition will remain valid until renewal/recertification, which will follow the ASNT 9712 Program Document.

How will I be notified of further updates for the ASNT 9712 Certification Program?

ASNT customer support will continue to regularly communicate updates with its global community. For detailed program information, refer to the ASNT 9712 Program Document


For questions, contact ASNT customer support at (614) 274-6003 or (800) 222-2768 and ask to speak with one of our certification specialists or email