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The industry spoke and ASNT listened.

The Industry Sector Qualification- Oil & Gas (ISQ-O&G) program is an advanced practical qualification exam without the full program cost. The purpose of the ISQ program is to provide the oil and gas industry with NDT personnel who have demonstrated competency in practical application of a specific technique through hands-on performance demonstration qualification examinations.

The ISQ program:

  • standardizes performance demonstration initiative testing of NDT technicians
  • alleviates the burden of owner/operators from providing their own NDT performance demonstration program
  • provides a program for owner/operators that do not have their own NDT performance demonstration program
  • provides global availability
  • establishes an industry recognized program for the oil and gas sector while minimizing the impact of cost and redundant testing of nondestructive testing (NDT) technicians.

Currently available is UT Thickness, which emphasizes the candidate's ability to distinguish wall loss from laminations and accurately measure remaining wall thickness, potentially savings hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs or loss of production. Shear Wave, Phased Array, and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for ASME weld quality will follow.

ASNT Authorized Exam Centers (AEC) conduct the ISQ exams. Once your application is approved, you can choose to take your exam at an AEC most convenient for you. For a current list of AECs and links to their exam dates, CLICK HERE. (New AECs and available dates will be added as they are approved.)

*While ASNT has implemented this qualification with the support of major Oil & Gas companies, the program will continue strive to meet the standards of all participating owner/operator representatives, and to achieve universal industry adoption.

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